wisemanTricks to Please a Woman, by Jay Wiseman, has been given to me by Good Vibrations in exchange for an honest-to-goodness review.  This book is a really quick read–it took me about an hour–and I am not a speed reader.  It’s only 148 pages and most pages have 2 brief descriptions of tricks Wiseman suggests.

I appreciated many aspects of this book.  I was more impressed by this book than I expected to be (what can I say?  I’m skeptical sometimes.).  This book is great for all folks who are intimate with women.  Of course.  I wouldn’t say I am an expert about my lady bits yet, but I probably know quite a lot in comparison to others–and still I found myself learning new things in this book.  Wiseman provided me with some new ideas of foreplay that I want to experience.

The most impressive thing about this book is that Wiseman covers all the bases.  He talks about consent, safe sex, toys, lubricants, fetishes, as well as all of the sexual tricks that are expected.  He appropriately emphasizes some key points that allow the reader to become (re)educated about all of the important aspects of a healthy, happy sexual relationship.

Here is one trick that I thought would be a nice example:

#14: Painful Penetration Procedures
When a woman says that it hurts when you thrust into her, it may mean (assuming adequate lubrication) that the tip of your penis, or your dildo, is hitting her cervix.  Consider the following as a possible remedy.  Under normal, unaroused circumstances, her cervix may protrude into her vaginal canal.  However, when she becomes aroused, specific muscles deep in her abdomen may contract.  These muscles lift her cervix up and away from the canal, and often even cause a slight hollow to form at the end.  Therefore, if penetration hurts, try waiting until she’s more aroused before you enter her (Tricks to Please a Woman,Wiseman, pp. 22).

In such a scenario as this, many people would just assume that the penis/dildo is simply too big.  However, as Wiseman shows, there might be a possible remedy for such a situation.

This book is an easy read and it can be informative to folks with varied expertise in the bedroom.  If you don’t own any books about sex with ladies, I think that this book is a great foundation to work with.  Wiseman covers all of the key bases, and if you find yourself intrigued  by specific topics, you can go out and read other books that focus on those areas in more detail.  Heck, I learned even more about different toy styles by reading this book–and I review sex toys!

Other Wiseman books sold by Good Vibrations can be seen here.  Thank you, Good Vibrations Sex Toys for allowing me to review this product! xoxo