I’ll never forget the look on your face when you watched me come for you. A wimpy signal and a power cord were all that connected us, but in that moment, we were inseparable. Sometimes I think back on your expression, how your face showed how incredulously appreciative you were. It was as though I blessed you with the sight of me.

I propped my laptop on the edge of my bed, straddling it with my legs. You watched as I slowly undressed, reveling in your gaze. I certainly admired my view of you, naked and erect, grinning like a fool who just won the lottery.

I traced your tattoos with my eyes, taking in the sight of skin, wishing I could rake your bare chest and arms with my nails as we make rough love. I couldn’t resist peaking quickly and powerfully as I fucked myself senseless. I’m an exhibitionist on my stage: watch me as I buck and purr for you, daddy.

I came for you in my most vulnerable state. Grief-stricken and lost, I knew I had you and your desire to pull me through my troubles. I needed your appreciation and adoration. Being able to play for you brought such sweet joy.

I could have cried upon seeing the love in your eyes. The way you blew me kisses and thanked me for sharing myself with you emphasized the chasm that preceded that moment. I was selling myself short rather than demanding for more. We both came intensely and tirelessly such that we rode the waves of pleasure as it swam through our bodies, never wanting it to end, but grinning even when it did.

It opened a new chapter of healing for me, with you at my side throughout. Sometimes it is enough to fulfill a role for each other, for the time being. But I look forward to the possibility of it becoming more someday. xoxo


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