QuietHitachiSo. The Hitachi Magic Wand. (In reference to above image, the Hitachi is not quiet.)

I received the Hitachi Magic Wand (by Vibratex) as a gift from a lovely reader out in the interwebs. Talk about a wonderful surprise! Thank you! I have known of the Hitachi for a few years now, and while it has been gushed over by many folks (pun always intended), I admit, I was skeptical at first. My long track record of clitoral orgasms have been vastly accomplished by my hand rather than any toy, vibrator, or other person.

Be warned: the Hitachi is powerful–it runs on electricity. It has two settings and even its LOW setting is at least twice as powerful as most battery-operated clitoral vibrators or other massage wands out on the market. While this power is also its identifying feature, I warn you that it can be harmful as well. The Hitachi can, and in many cases will, irritate your genitals. My first encounter with the Hitachi resulted in pain. The irritation caused me to seriously freak out. No joke. I did not use the Hitachi with any lubricant on my vulva, and I did not place any towel barriers in-between my genitals and the Hitachi as padding protection. Lube up, and then lube up some more. This will help protect your vulva from getting irritated as quickly by the sheer intensity of this wand.

If your clitoris is sensitive, then try using bath towels as barriers. My follow-up encounters with the Hitachi resulted in milder pain (irritation) at times, but mostly incredible, crazy-intense pleasure. I don’t even use the Hitachi for more than a minute or two, and once it hits, I just want more. But then I get so hyper-sensitive that I can barely stand to use the wand for any longer. And then I still hang on for a few more seconds, because I am a glutton for punishment.

The Hitachi is very simply a tool used to get off, and it’s great at what it does. If I need a powerful orgasm, I use it, then put it away for a week or two. It’s good that the orgasms are quick with the Hitachi, because the longer you use it in one go, the more guaranteed irritation is going to happen. I don’t recommend maintaining genital contact for over a few minutes straight, if you can help it, and especially if your genitals get irritated.

Getting worn out is guaranteed from the sheer strength of the orgasms, and the more frequently you use it, the more desensitized your genitals/clitoris may feel. This is a temporary reaction, and the same can be said for masturbating in general too much. If it takes longer for you to orgasm, take a break from it–be it a few hours, days, weeks–and then have at it again. If you wait a few days in-between rounds using the Hitachi, your clitoris will respond more readily to its vibration.

For me, ideal usage would be at MOST weekly. While the Hitachi warrants a certain level of awareness, I am certainly not surprised when I hear that it helps many people achieve powerful orgasms, regardless of their usual masturbatory methods or preferences. I prefer using the Hitachi in conjunction with a dildo inserted vaginally; I like having both the G-spot and clitoris stimulated simultaneously. Here’s the details:

  • Dimensions: 9 inch handle, 2.5 inch head, 6 foot power cord
  • Material: Plastic and Vinyl.
  • Safety: Non-toxic; head is porous material
  • Free of phathalates and latex
  • Not waterproof
  • Cleaning: wash detachable head with soap and water

Functional dislikes: I hate that the Hitachi needs plugged in. The cord isn’t long enough. I wish the Wand came with more modern packaging and a storage sleeve to cover the head. The Hitachi is large and bulky with limited functionality–it is for external use only unless you purchase an attachment. The head is porous, so it can harbor bacteria. Heed my warnings, but do I think it’s worth trying a Hitachi Magic Wand? Yes, I do. Have I had as intense orgasms through other means of stimulation? Yes I have, but they have taken much longer to achieve.

Tell me–what have your experiences been like with the Hitachi? I’d love to hear about how you use this beast of a vibrator. xoxo