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Hitachi Beaded Attachment

Lovehoney’s Magic Wand Beaded Attachment fits on the Hitachi Magic Wand’s head completely, covering the Hitachi’s porous head. I do think it is a rather ugly, shiny blue-purple attachment. The Lovehoney beaded attachment is made of TPR, or thermoplastic rubber. It is incredibly…

Electrical Equipment

  Cords, wires, plugs. Electrical appliances and other functional equipment. See who else is participating in the meme this week by clicking the banner below! xoxo

The Hitachi

So. The Hitachi Magic Wand. (In reference to above image, the Hitachi is not quiet.) I received the Hitachi Magic Wand (by Vibratex) as a gift from a lovely reader out in the interwebs. Talk about a wonderful surprise! Thank you! I have known…