I plan to post regularly some links of interest that are current topics in sex news. This is a wide-ranging category, but it will be mostly things that catch my eye and I think are important enough to share. Hope you like! Feedback is appreciated on what you’d like me to share and write about on my blog. xoxo

The “labia-pride” movement

  • Here’s the tagline:  Rebelling against the porn aesthetic, women are taking to the Internet to sing the praises of “endowed” women.
  • This is a great post because it remarks on the Pussy-Pride Project created by Molly
  • I of course participated in this project because I have Pussy Pride too, so check it out!

The feminist pornographer

  • I CANNOT WAIT to read “The Feminist Porn Book.” I want the porn I watch and buy to be ethically made, feature consensual pleasure and acts, as well as feature people with an array of physiques, preferences, and personalities. 
  • As an identified feminist I am greatly looking forward to learning more about the politics behind this debate.

How I became a feminist porn star

  • Dylan Ryan is the bomb. 
  • Here’s an excerpt:

     “Do I feel like a lot of pornography is made with the male gaze, made to objectify women, to pervert feminine sexuality into something that is only for men and for their consumption? Totally. . . . I am very lucky that I don’t feel like I have made films or been involved in things that have only had that objective. I don’t feel like I have ever been treated that way.”

  • Like I suggested earlier, of course many feminists like porn and want porn, not to mention perform, actively support, and even create porn.