The Toyfriend Seti looks like a mini satellite for your clitoris–and in a way, it is. This blue, handheld vibrator has a flared tip that actually increases the surface area stimulated by the toy. This increased functionality for clitoral pleasure, however, also limits its potential other uses, rendering it–for me, at least–an exclusively external toy.

One feature to be appreciated about it is that the handle is a comfortable length to be held while masturbating, even when using it in conjunction with another vaginal or anal toy. It is 7.5 inches long and made of body-safe silicone. The Seti has two vibration speeds and three vibration modes to choose from. Operating the toy is really easy: the end button needs pressed to go through the 5 settings. To turn it off the button needs to be pressed and held in a few seconds.


I like how the Toyfriends are designed: they are velvety-smooth toys with bright, bold colors and interesting shapes. As with the other Toyfriends I own, I want to display the Seti, admire it, and use it. While I really enjoy the Toyfriend brand and appreciate their approach to making toys, the Seti just doesn’t do it for me.

I find the Seti to be less successful for me because of two main reasons that are connected. Firstly, the Seti has such a flared tip that I cannot insert it vaginally, hence it must only be used clitorally for me. Secondly, this is limiting because I prefer to stimulate my clitoris with my fingers rather than with vibrators. While I would like to be more accommodating, I haven’t met a vibrator that makes me want to change my ways. I have enjoyed using this vibrator in conjunction to a vaginal toy, but I find that it takes much longer to orgasm this way, and I don’t see myself doing it often.


The Seti has the following features:

  • Rub a dub dub: Waterproof
  • Material: Silicone
  • 2 Vibration Speeds
  • 3 Vibration Modes
  • Length: 7.4 inches
  • Noise Level: Quiet
  • Operation: 2 AAA batteries included

Toyfriends come with stands that displays these toys upright, as depicted in the picture to the right. Soon I hope they will be made with internal, rechargeable batteries that will enable the vibrators to be more powerful and versatile.

The Seti is part of the second generation of Toyfriends: the Power Toyfriends. Another vibrator in this group is the Bubbly Magenta, which I reviewed a few years ago. I also reviewed the black Wavy Rocket, of the rocket generation of Toyfriend vibrators.

Thanks Toyfriend for sending me the Seti in exchange for my review! xoxo