Trojan Sensitivity, Ultra Thin Condoms have been given to me by Erotic Toy Town in exchange for my unbiased review of the product. The product comes with 12 individually wrapped condoms, which are latex with an added lubricant. These Trojan Sensitivity condoms are 25% thinner than the normal condoms. Trojan states that they are made from premium quality latex and that they are electronically tested to meet the strength requirements. The company maintained these condoms have a low odor of latex, but it was still potent to my nose. The condoms are equipped with a reservoir at the tip, but this does not seem to effectively hold in the semen well enough to make the feature remarkable.

The problem I have discovered when researching Trojan condoms is that condom manufacturers do not have to inform the customers as to what ingredients are in their lubricants. One can guess that it might be oil or water-based in different cases, but the fact that the ingredients remain unknown seems a bit suspicious to me. I want to know exactly what I am about to use during intercourse, and surely that is reasonable. If any readers know where these materials are listed, if anywhere, please let me know and I will update this review accordingly. After trying to search relentlessly, I have not been able to discover said materials.

These condoms have a rubbery odor to them. They are made of latex, have a smooth texture, and are thin. From my perspective, I did not think the condoms dulled sensations significantly during intercourse. I always think this potential dullness is worth the protection from the other person’s bodily fluids. Safety first! Plus this dulling of sensations is generally a given when using condoms. It remains important to protect one’s self from sexually transmitted infections, including HIV, and also unwanted pregnancies.
The lubricant has a slight oily feel to it, almost like a light petroleum. It does not have a consistency to it that will make it last, but it has enough lubricant to aid in initial penetration. After rubbing the lubricant around on my hand a bit, it felt rather dry after only a few seconds. If you do not produce much natural lubrication, I would recommend using additional lubricant along with the condom, especially to prevent the condom from tearing during use.

Trojan is a name brand for condoms. Other options for condoms they offer include thicker condoms or ones with spermicide. They also offer latex-free ones for those with latex allergies. Their variety is endless. What I like about this type in particular is that they are simple and straightforward (pun intended). They have no texture, are thinner than their standard counterparts, and have a slight lubricant to get things started. All in all, I was pleased with this product. Check out other condoms Erotic Toy Town has to offer.

Thanks to Erotic Toy Town for providing me with this product in exchange for my honest opinion and descriptions! xoxo