slave to love
Edited by Alison Tyler
Foreword by Mistress Kay
Mistress Kay tells us that “Along with the arousal you’ll feel from the stories, each one of the tales in this collection is going to give you a close-up look into the erotic power exchange that goes along with restraint.”
Boy, is she right.
Here is the list of stories and authors:
  • Watching Lois Perform    Saskia Walker
  • Pierce Me    Shanna Germain
  • Under My Thumb    Thomas S. Roche
  • Daddy’s Girl    Marilyn Jaye Lewis
  • The Discovery     Rachel Kramer Bussel
  • Cowboy’s Dungeon    Michelle Houston
  • Sonnet    Cate Robertson
  • Ordinary Love    R. Gay
  • Unlike the Others    Xavier Acton
  • The Real Prize    Mia Underwood
  • Down Below    Jean Roberta
  • Betty’s Bottom    Michael Hemmingson
  • Master of Technology    Vanessa Evans
  • Bad Doggy    Julia Moore
  • Ever On Edge    Debra Hyde
  • Five Bucks a Swat    Christopher Pierce
  • Everything That You Want    C. D. Formetta
  • Without Mercy    Erica Dumas
  • Divorce Proceedings    N. T. Morley
  • Well Trained    Alison Tyler
  • Recuerdos Agridulces    Sophia Valenti
  • A Secret King    Sommer Marsden
Alison Tyler succeeds again with editing a great collection of erotic stories. This book is quality entertainment, not to mention sexy as all get-out. The title, “Slave to Love,” describes perfectly the theme; the power dynamic within sexual encounters establishes a heightened experience of vulnerability, shame, pain, and pleasure.
The power exchanges show us, the readers, that sometimes we need to relinquish some power to a trustworthy person, in order to reach new-found heights in sexual submission and dominance. It takes a strong, willing person to be so vulnerable and open to another person or persons, yet the results can be so rewarding, perhaps even life-changing.
While I often do not consider myself a kinky person, I have come to realize that there are people kinkier and more vanilla than I. Yet the one trait that comes out with reading and enjoying this book is that I am open-minded and willing to be adventurous. This book includes an array of sexy stories, and yet the specific adventures might not turn everyone on. What I think reading this and other erotica books involves is seeing sexual stories through others’ eyes and picturing why and how those scenarios can be so sexy and arousing.
Did I ever considered pony play or daddy play in the past? Never (until now). Nor do I consider myself to be entirely submissive. Yet when I read a “Slave to Love,” I imagine pleasing a dom (or becoming a dom) in order to share an heightened experience with another person(s).
While I appreciate the diversity and creativity found within this collection, not everyone will. Some people might not enjoy experiencing or witnessing a power exchange within erotica, whereas others will find it absolutely arousing. I urge those who want a taste of some power play stories, while perhaps not wanting to act them out in real life, to check out this book. This book and other collections edited by Tyler are always written extremely well, and they are at the very least creative and entertaining.
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Thank you Eden Fantasys for providing me with this book in exchange for my honest opinion. xoxo
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Book by Collection of Stories by Various Authors
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Cleis Press Inc.
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