gspottaorminoAfter reviewing Tristan Taormino’s Opening up: a Guide to Creating and Sustaining Open Relationships (review here), I knew I wanted to read all of her works. I am privileged to review her newest book about the G-spot.  The Secrets of Great G Spot Orgasms and Female Ejaculation is an excellent book that includes everything I want to know about my G-spot.

Taormino’s writing is clear and detailed.  This how-to book has beautiful photos and diagrams that allow the reader to visualize different key positions to hit the G-spot.  I was impressed at how much information was packed into this book.  Taormino is an excellent writer and sex educator.  She is the author of seven award-winning books. is her official website where you can check out all of her educational materials and her achievements.
What the book includes:

o   History of the G-spot
o   How to find the G-spot
o   Solo G-spot stimulation
o   G-spot toys and products
o   Erotic stories about the g-spot
o   Combined G-spot stimulation: fingers and toys
o   Intercourse positions
o   Anal penetration and G-spot stimulation
o   G-spot orgasms
o   Female ejaculation

Taormino confirmed a lot of my knowledge about safe, smart sexual practices.  I learned more about what the G-spot is and new positions to try to stimulate it.  I have not ejaculated yet, and I hope that the techniques detailed in this book will help me achieve a G-spot orgasm.  I learned more about which sex toys are ideal for G-spot stimulation as well.
Fun Fact: The Horizontal Tailgate is my favorite sexual position because of the deep pressure this has on my G-spot.  It also increases skin-to-skin contact because one partner lies on top of the other during intercourse.
The most beneficial information provided in this book for me personally was the information about anal sex combined with G-spot stimulation.  I have a fantasy about having both areas being stimulated simultaneously, and I think that it can heighten the experience of achieving a powerful orgasm. This book provides useful information that can safely make this fantasy a reality.  I generally enjoy clitoral and vaginal stimulation combined, so I want to experience anal and vaginal combined too.
This ultimate guide to the G-spot is an instructional book that will have a permanent spot on my nightstand. Learning the pros and cons of different positions and techniques will be an ongoing project in my sex life.
A great big thanks to the Quayside Publishing Group and Tristan Taormino for sending me this book.  I apologize for the delay in posting this review, which was due to the fact that I’m abroad and had some temporal setbacks. xoxo