When I was younger, the issue of music playing during sex was a concern I had in setting the scene in my imagination. Music was always used to set the mood on TV shows and in movies for people getting ready to get it on. I am also passionate about music, which likely fed into this concern I had about music and sex. So I wondered what songs were appropriate to play during intercourse. Was it common or expected to play music during sex? What songs did people play most often? Additionally, I am sure I’ve seen at least one infomercial for Romance Hits CDs growing up. Those songs were cheesy! What to do!

Am I to play Barry White? *NSYNC? Celine Dion? Tchaikovsky?

How would I make the scene as romantic as possible? Do I need to own candles and silky sheets and massage oils and rose petals? I do not enjoy silky sheets, I’ll say that much.

At present, I have not had sex while music played that I can recall, so the importance of mood setting hasn’t really become an essential component to me. I’ve learned that music isn’t all that important and that there are other things that come to my attention during sex–more important things than the background music, or sheets, or rose petals. I’m  busier paying attention to the shared experience of pleasure and oftentimes I am giggling, joking, and playing around. Such fun aspects of intimacy are what’s important to me and the background elements aren’t so critical.

I do remember thinking that dirty, catchy tunes would be fun to listen to while having nasty sex. Ludacris’s “What’s Your Fantasy” comes to mind.

I suppose thinking of this week’s prompt (Radio) helps emphasize that 1) I am a planner/worrier and I like to be prepared, 2) I am a romantic, and 3) I am a horny pervert. This points aren’t new, but it’s fun to see them retrospectively in my younger self.

See who else is being delightfully Wicked this week! xoxo

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PS. This post title is the name of a song by Regina Spektor. Yes, I would fuck while listening to her tunes.