Opening Up: A Guide to Creating and Sustaining Open Relationships by Tristan Taormino is an excellent book that provides all of the essential details regarding relationships, their structures, benefits, and issues.  I really love this book.  Having a relationship is a responsibility, with one or many partners.  Communication, honesty, and empathy are a few of the key ingredients that help all relationships remain healthy and happy.

I was most impressed at how this book was sympathetic and informative about all of the different styles of relationships.  Taormino was excellent at pointing out issues and stigmas involved with all types of relationships. This book should be read by everyone.  I think that it helped me become more understanding and accepting of other various lifestyles.  This book is thorough in its education.

One quote (of many) that stuck out to me was this: “Monogamy does not automatically foster intimacy in a relationship, any more than non-monogamy fosters a lack of intimacy” (Taormino, 16).  Monogamy shouldn’t be the default choice, but it still might be best for many people.

For me personally, this book educated me about why I most prefer monogamy, while also teaching me of the primary issues involved with monogamy.  For example, I do not want to have communication or trust issues with my significant other. This book educates the reader about how and why to communicate as well as how trust is connected to it.  Now that I know the more common weak points that come with having one partner, I will know what to do when problems arise down the road.

Tristain Taormino has an impressive career that can be viewed on her site, and on

Everyone should be open enough to at least read this fantastic book in order to gain some insight.  It has helpful details for every person, in every type of relationship.  Go on, Open Up this book!  Good Vibrations Sex Toys offers a wide variety of other resources regarding open relationships that can be found here.  Thanks Good Vibes! xoxo