He sits up, a sly grin on his face after stroking his cock teasingly in front of his lover.  She lies there, impatiently waiting for him to stick his dick inside. Being tied down to the bed has its cons.  Her legs spread willingly.  She licks her impatient lips.

I want to pounce, she thinks.  He walks slowly around the bed, eying her exposed body.  Erect nipples.  Pink, swollen pussy.  Big, eager eyes.

His cock points straight out.  It bounces slightly as he walks around her, stopping at her feet.  Bending down, he licks one of her toes.  He chuckles as he sees her wiggle.  He knows she hates delays.  The anticipation in her eyes builds.

He crawls on top of her, letting his dick graze her leg, belly, and chest.  As he looks into her bright eyes, he gently nudges his tip into her mouth. He pulls and pushes it in and out. She watches his face as she licks, sucks, nibbles.  He is big.

Once he feels close to spurting, he pulls his dick out of her soft, small mouth and moves towards her wet cunt.  He needs to fuck her. He wants her throbbing pussy.

He shoves his cock into her, moaning.  She grunts in response as her pussy opens to his persistence. Take me. Fuck me. Cum in me, she thinks and murmurs amongst moans.  He already knows.  He’s close.

Master, she moans.  She needs his cum. Her pelvis thrusts towards him, intensifying the motions. He cannot resist her.

Once he pauses, she knows.  They kiss as he wiggles inside her, empty and content.  xoxo