“Where’d you go?” she asked, her brows furrowing underneath her blindfold that he placed on her minutes earlier.

“I’m right here,” he said. “Just be patient. Now spread your legs.”

She did. She was on the bed, now spread-eagle and opened for her Master. She was wearing a black lace thong with a red satin corset, which gently pushed her breasts sky-high.

“Hahaha! Hey! That tickles!” She squealed, as he gently brushed the sides of her waist with something soft. Since he hadn’t tied her down yet, her arms rushed to her defense, grabbing his hands and prop until he paused. She breathed in heavily.

“Honey, let go of my hands, otherwise you won’t get your surprise. Time to get tied down.” He told her. She felt the warm fuzziness of being taken care of. Her Master loved her with such fierceness she couldn’t resist him, nor his orders.

“No tickling please,” she shivered, nervously. “It drives me bonkers!”

“Relax,” Master stated, “I will give you a break. For now.”

She calmed herself as he worked, tying each of her hands to the headboard and feet to the base of the bed. Having Master so close to her without being allowed to touch him drove her mad.

Ever so gently, she felt his breath on her neck, chest, and then on her inner thighs. His big fingers drew gentle circles around her belly button and the mounds of exposed cleavage.  She knew what was next.

“Time to free these beauties,” he smiled as he untied the corset and opened it, exposing her breasts and perky nipples. Master couldn’t resist nibbling and sucking them. She squirmed in delight, knowing that this was making her panties damp. He knew she was wet too but touched her to be sure.

“Good girl,” he purred as he stood up. She could hear him rustling in the room, perhaps searching for some new toys to torture her with. Master’s silence made her nervous. He was going to challenge her tonight.

She shrieked, surprised by the sudden stimulation. Master had the feather duster and he was running in along her sides ever so gently. She stirred, struggling against the restraints, inescapable of her Master’s tickling. He soon tossed the duster, straddled her waist, and grabbed her sides with his hands, tickling her hypersensitive midriff.

“AaaaaahhhhhhAaaahahaaahhhahahaa! Please! Master! Stop! Please!” she yelped amongst her shrieks of panicked laughter. She couldn’t escape. Absolutely battered with exhaustion, she strained against his grasp. She was his. She couldn’t breathe as he took her where she loathed yet yearned to be taken.

“Say the word.”

She could barely get a word in around her heavy breaths. The need to push beyond her limits was strong. Her crotch was drenched with excitement as she was titillated from the stimulation overload. Panting, sweating, breathing as she decided to fully concede to Master and ask for the journey to end. She lasted much longer than before.

“Mercy!” she croaked. At once the tickling stopped. While she hogged the air, her exposed chest heaving with relief and need, her Master remained straddled on top of her.

“You’ve been such a good girl.,” he murmured, “time for your surprise.”

The next thing she knew, something soft pressed against her lips. It was firm and wide, gently pushing her mouth open. She moaned as she stretched her lips, jaw aching from the size of her Master. His tip barely fit inside her mouth; her jaw ached at the pressure as she held her teeth as far apart as she could manage. As he pushed his cock in and out of her mouth, she could feel it throbbing with such pleasure he could nearly burst.

Her eyes teared against the strain her jaw was experiencing. Gagging, she sought air while her mouth was filled. Master pulled out in satisfaction, knowing she tried her best to take him between her lips.

Master stroked her sides with one hand as he rubbed himself with the other. Her mouth remained parted, drawing in air after such a workout. He indicated with a finger where he was going to finish: her face. Based on his grunts she knew he was coming right before she opened her mouth into a large, satisfied grin. He tasted salty and warm as she licked off the tip he presented to her lips.

Just what I asked for, she thought happily to herself. That darned Tickle Monster. xoxo