This is a Guest Post! Enjoy! xoxo


I park my car in the car park and pay the daily charge… Fuck, how MUCH???, I think to myself. Dammit! Then I chat with the car park attendant—he’s a little over friendly, for he can talk for England—and make my way to the trains. I sprint to make a leaving train, leap aboard and the train begins to move. This morning the carriage is empty, but quickly fills as it nears the city. I find a seat to myself. I yawn, bored with all of the hubbub and chatter coming from the others near me. Soon the cab is packed save for a lone pole right in front of me.Luckily, I notice the sexy business woman I’ve been eyeing up for ages take hold of it. She’s wearing a business suit today. She looks elegantin a skirt with her great body and fabulous legs.She gives me a sly look as she stands directly in front of me and turns away.


I admire her from behind.I gaze at her dark hair tumbling down, her pale skin shining even under the harsh train lighting, and her great curvy ass filling the skirt… mmm! I eye up her legs longingly, for her high heels are shaping her calves beautifully, and making her thighs look so beautiful – inviting my touch…


I weigh up the risks of touching her… What will happen? Will I get : –


  • A slap on the face and shouted at? (Ha! Minimum!)
  • Will people see? (Definitely!)
  • Will I get arrested? (Most Probably!)



Hmmm. I ponder the possibilities, the dire consequences run through my head. I could get slapped, arrested, sacked, humiliated…


Damnit, I think… I can’t resist touching her…. I can’t help it… she’s soooo close… I’m gonna do it and the consequences be DAMNED!! I pluck up all the courage I can muster and reach out to stroke her thigh, bracing myself for the barrage of insults and the inevitable forthcoming slap around the chops!




… to my amazement…


…she inches towards my touch!



Has anyone else noticed?…apparently not! I strike while the iron is hot. My cock begins to unfurl and make its presence felt in my tight suit trousers.I fear my pants will tear under the pressure. It feels huge! I raise my bag to cover my throbbing member and release it from it confines. I stroke it gently as I run my finger up and down her legs. As I inch my hand higher up her inner thigh, she shakes visibly and begins to open her legs and lower herself in expectation… I get excited. So excited.


I raise my hand to her crotch, gasping as I feel her soaking panties yield to my touch. She lets out a barely audible sigh as my finger finds her sopping hole. No one near me could have heard her.I ease a finger into her, enjoying her wet cunt lips enveloping it. I imagine my hard cock entering her instead, for it is more than ready. Growlll.


She gasps her pleasure and wriggles against my finger, grinding down HARD!

As the train bumps along I take the opportunity to push her panties aside and stick three fingers in, ramming them in faster and faster as my thumb fiercely rubs her engorged clit…


She pushes back against my hand and busy fingers… Dammit she’s tight, and I’m loving it!


Suddenly, she weakens at the knees, with little grunts punctuating and shudders to match, gushes of warm cum cover my fingers and hand. I feel her pussy muscles clench rhythmically and strongly against my fingers, trying to force them out. I resist and jab them back in, and get the reward of more juices! Mmm!

At the same time, I stroke my almost-bursting cock to a strong pulsing orgasm and it spurts out, covering my bag. A dollop of thick cum splats onto her leg.

Reluctantly, I remove my fingers from her soaking wet pussy and lap up her juices from them, savoring every last drop. The scent of her juices makes my cock stir again… No! No! I say to myself. It looks like I got away with it.


She drops her purse on the floor of the train – accidently-on-purpose methinks! J Squatting down to pick it up, she secretly runs one of her fingers into my fresh hot cum… collects it and licks it off her fingers… at the same time, she seems to have slipped off her soaking panties… I snatch them up and stuff them in my bag!! I’m thrilled to the bone! What a trophy!


The train begins to slow and, unfortunately, it’s her stop. She tidies herself up a little and, looking back at me with a flash of her twinkling blue eyes, struts off the train into the sunlight, looking sensational… then she’s gone… and I’m spent… cock limp and dripping… balls drained and content…